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Sea Freight Forwarding


Sea freight, that is the system of transporting cargo by sea, is suitable for large articles or bulk cargo.

Sea freight is computed by the container load and has two kinds:


Less Container Load (LCL)

Less container load or LCL is a shipment that does not fill a standard container or does not meet the FCL minimum. LCL shipments are usually combined with other shipments from other shippers/suppliers to fill a container and lessen the cost of shipping.


Full Container Load (FCL)

Full container load or FCL fills a given container either by bulk or maximum weight. FCL Shipments are available in 20-foot (max of 33cbm), 40-foot (max. 67.3cbm) general purpose or standard container. Container specifications for maximum volume or weight allowed sometimes vary per shipping line. These containers are subject to considerably less handling as they are loaded in full.


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