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Core Values


We are committed o provide excellent service that will exceed customer’s satisfaction. We put our clients first


Each of us in COLTRANS strives to deliver outstanding service.Excellence is our way of life not our standard.


We believe in treating our people and clients equally, with respect and with dignity. We build our organization in the premise of trust, friendship, and family. Family and friends stick together no matter what. And a loyal employee and a loyal client are the best ally in times of need.


We believe in the spirit of TEAMWORK. “No man is an island.” Together with our clients, we work cohesively and harmoniously towards one common goal for our mutual benefit.


We do our best to being a responsive corporate citizen contributing to the enhancement of well being of people in the community. We believe in being one with the environment.


“Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure.” – N. V. PealeRemember, before people buy anything you’re offering they buy your attitude – no matter what you’re selling.


As the sun and rain nurtures the earth, we believe in taking care of our people, our clients, and our community with a personal touch. We believe that our people are our most valuable assets, our clients as our valuable partners.


We are dedicated to build and maintain long-term sustainable relationships with our clients, community, and our    people.  We believe in “US” not “I”. As we grow, we want your business to grow with us.

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