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Many companies describe themselves as leaders in providing quality services. However, in reality very few companies deserve this designation. To merit it requires a combination of innovation and impeccable service where every customer’s need must be anticipated and every requirement provided.

At Coltrans, we depend on our people who are our asset in delivering our services. Working in synergy with his co-workers, superiors and clients, the dynamic Coltrans individuals has embraced the values of honesty, integrity, hardwork and respect for God which become his personal credo and commitment to his company and the communities he serves.

As such, adherence to these principles has gotten us where we are today, and it is through their continued application in our daily lives that we intend to guide Coltrans and our clients in the future.




Coltrans, is committed to provide Service Excellence at most reasonable cost to our customers.

Coltrans’ vast resources of management and international network provides distinctive capability to offer total logistics services

We are dedicated to nurture and maintain long-term beneficial relationship with our people, clients, partners and the communities we serve as we strive for continuous improvement.

Quality Service is our commitment and responsibility as we say -

Keep our customers informed by keeping ourselves informed.


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