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Coltrans Cargo joins AIO Logistics Network

Friday, October 27, 2017

Last October 27, 2017, Columbia Transport Inc. (Coltrans Cargo) officially onboard in All in One (AIO) network. 

The All in One (AiO) network is unique in the world of logistics networking. We give you depth and breadth in logistics around the world. And we give you the reason to stop looking for that one group that takes care of all your many clients’ logistics needs.

The world of independent freight forwarding is made up of many diverse players. Some have only one specialty and others are proficient in more than one type of cargo. AiO gives you the place to go so that you won’t have to join three or four different groups to have all of your specializations taken care of with professionals who will help you to grow your business. AiO has many separate divisions that allow you to focus on your cargo to the best suited partners. For instance, if your company is a general forwarder who also has a specialized department that just handles perishables AiO can help with both commercial cargo agents and perishables specialists around the world. If you are a removals agent who has an exhibitions division you can get your cargo handled again, completely within AiO.

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